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Flower Moon Farm grows unique annual and perennial flowers and herbs.  We experiment with new flower varieties each year, but our staples include:

  • dara

  • rudbeckia

  • snapdragons

  • sweet peas

  • celosia

  • statice

  • feverfew

  • and many others

  • dahlias

  • zinnias

  • delphiniums

  • foxglove

  • cosmos

  • sunflowers

  • Chinese asters

  • lisianthus


Welcome to our micro-flower farm in the coastal town of Hingham, Massachusetts!

We use sustainable farming practices which includes no chemical sprays or chemical fertilizers.  We only use organic products to farm and harvest our flowers.  We practice no-till farming to preserve the integrity of the micronutrients of our natural soil.

Flower Moon Farm gets its name from the indigenous Algonquin peoples. A flower moon is the first full moon in the month of May.  At this time, there is a shift in weather which signals summer is near; the flowers of North America begin to bloom. 


It is clear that late spring was an inspiration to the people that lived before us and also continues to inspire many of us today, especially me. 


I have always been a gardener and a lover of flowers and herbs. As a small child I was fascinated by my grandmother's lovely-scented lily-of-the-valley, the lush and dramatic peonies growing along the side of the house, and the heady-perfumed lilac hedges that grew between the neighbors. I guess I was destined for the flower world when, in second grade, I won the wildflower contest! Later in high school, I cultivated a collection of herbs and scented geraniums, fascinated by their special properties.  Several years ago, I was drawn more deeply than ever into gardening. I read and researched the best methods of farming to keep the soil healthy, the bees buzzing, and the flowers blooming in their glory.   I planted many of daughter's favorite flowers for her wedding, and I have not stopped perfecting my skills and expanding my field of flowers. I love the planning, the nurturing, and the continued learning that goes into this natural endeavor.  I hope that I can share the fruits of my labor with you soon! 

Kathy Conti

Flower Moon Farm

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